Four Health Benefits of Working at a Standing Desk

Four Health Benefits of Working at a Standing Desk


The negative effects of sitting too long have been known for a long time. Despite these negative effects, many people spend excess time sitting at home and at work. Fortunately, some offices allow you to have a desk that you can use while standing. Switching to a standing desk offers many benefits. Here is a look at some ways that using a standing desk will improve your life.

NO 1: Weight Loss

Replacing standing with sitting doesn’t replace a good diet and regular exercise, but it will contribute to weight loss. Depending on your weight and current level of fitness, standing can burn anywhere between 20 and 50 calories more than sitting an hour. This small amount of can add up to measurable weight loss in a year.

NO 2: Disease Prevention

Excessive sitting is linked to a number of serious illnesses. Your risk of developing heart disease increases with each hour you sit. Studies indicate that sitting for six hours or more a day can increases your risk of developing cancer. These risk factors are unchanged even with regular exercise. Converting to a standing desk might add years to your life.

NO 3: Focus

Many people who find they can focus more while standing. You’re not working harder, just better. Many find they are more attentive around the office and at home when standing. Even those who suffer from ADHD might find standing at work increases helps them focus.

NO 4: Posture

Sitting at a desk all day has many negative effects on posture. Office workers tend to develop rolled shoulders and an anterior pelvic tilt. This can lead to chronic pain and appearing overweight when you are relatively fit. Although standing cannot correct these issues, it can prevent them worsening. It also makes it easier to correct these issues over an extended period.

Although standing at your desk might feel weird, don’t allow self-consciousness to compromise your health and productivity. Research shows that a standing desk will help you be healthier and more focused, maybe adding years to your life. If you job allows it, consider switching to a standing desk in the near future.

Doctor’s Advice

According to Jeffrey N. Glover D.C., C.C.S.P. of Glover Chiropractic Clinic in Leesburg, “standing at your desk can help to engage and strengthen your spinal stabilizing muscles, which will help prevent back pain that would normally be attributed to weaker spine brought upon from the more sedentary office chair workstation.”

He cautions however, “while a standing desk might be great in most cases, there are exceptions to every rule. If someone has a bulged or herniated disc, that standing weight-bearing positions would not be their best option.”