Increase Visibility with Simple Video

Increase Visibility with Simple Video

You know what they say a picture is worth. Imagine the value of moving pictures!

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You probably believe that Facebook has all the traffic, and you should market your business there.

Maybe you even paid someone a lot of money to build up your business page only to find out that Facebook has made another change making it more difficult for people who “like your page” to see your posts.

If you are discouraged by yet another social media algorithm change, please allow me to encourage you. Facebook is still a very powerful and affordable marketing tool for your business.

By simply resetting your mind about what Facebook once was and what it is now, you’ll once again be able to recognize the opportunity. How? Because Facebook is still the world’s most popular hangout. With the right combination of strategies and tactics, you can stay in the know and drive qualified people into your sales pipeline.

Already have page likes? Consistent posting? Do you already have a developed brand and a strategy in place? Good, then let’s talk about Facebook video as a tactic for getting more views for your business.

Facebook is currently encouraging users to upload video to their personal page. In fact, they are giving more visibility to videos directly uploaded to your page (as opposed to videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo).

You can share your video’s link from and even embed them into blog posts or websites just the same as other videos. The main benefit is your customers on Facebook will see your videos if you post them there.