Marketing Websites

Marketing Websites


Most small businesses today understand the importance of leveraging the  to broaden their reach. Whether that is done through advertising, social media, or your website, we all want to stand out to our prospective customers. Many large marketing agencies will sell you a huge marketing package with all the bells and whistles, but is that really what you need? Here are three practical things you can do for your website that can potentially save you thousands!

Fresh and Relative Content

Every website should have a content management system in place that will allow for easy and regular updates. You should be able to quickly post a photo of your latest job, or add a few quick paragraphs about your latest accomplishment, as easily as you post on Facebook. Having new and updated content on your website will greatly help search engines, like Google, find your website. This furthers your chances of moving up on their front page.

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Depending on who developed your website, you may not have access to page titles and descriptions, but what you can do is go through and re-read your page text. Nobody knows your company better than you do. When someone is trying to find your company, what do you want them to be searching for? With this mindset, work back through your text and make sure keywords and phrases that describe your company are mentioned once or twice on each page.

Responsive Design

This isn’t something you will be able to do yourself, but it is very important and worth mentioning. A responsive website is a website that formats to phones, tablets, and computers individually, for the best look and usability on each device. Google has just begun giving boosts to websites that look good on smartphones; therefore, if you have an outdated site, consider a refresh.

Doing these simple things will not only allow for a better user experience, but will also help potential clients and search engines know you are staying on top of what is important. I like to explain to people that your website is like your front office assistant. He or she may not be on the streets doing the selling, but when clients arrive, this person is the first to greet clients. Having a fresh, relative, and professional website is truly important to your company’s image—it’s what most visitors will see first when they look you up.

Ben Homan is the Creative Director for Skillful Antics (, a web development and online marketing company in Central Florida.