Moving Into a Positive Path

Moving Into a Positive Path


Everyone knows sayings such as “the power of positive thinking” or “think positive.” Most people understand that thinking positively creates a better mood, more energy, more confidence, and is contagious to others. People with a positive attitude appear to have better luck than those with a negative outlook. Some believe those who keep thoughts and attitude positive have good things happen to them. They do well in job interviews, they tend to be more successful, and they seem happier overall. Others are drawn to these people. But is there really power in positive thinking?

There are many stories of people who practice positive thinking and overcame a tragedy or beat cancer with help from their optimistic thoughts and outlook.

Many doctors disprove this, because there is no physical evidence that positive thinking helps someone overcome death. However, what I have learned indicates there is power in positive thinking.

When people think positively, they are more successful and confident, and believe deeply in themselves. When they are more successful, they are happier. When they are happier, they have less stress or they cope with stress more effectively. This means they’re healthier. Studies show people with less stress have stronger immune systems, are less likely to have a heart attack or heart disease, live longer, are less depressed, and have a stronger sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, positive thinking is not a magic pill you can take and feel better. It requires some effort, but it looks like a win-win situation. Those who practice positive thinking can actually transform their negativity into positivity. When negative thoughts pop into your head, consciously find something positive in your life to focus on. Using this type of positive thinking, you can control depression, anger, and self-doubt among other things. Practice “positive affirmations” or positive self-talk.

Maybe the ‘power’ in positive thinking is not the kind of power some are looking for. It may not be a groundbreaking cure for disease or a guarantee of success, but it can make living life a little easier, happier, healthier, and success may follow that. It definitely seems worth being more positive to get that result.