Resilience in The Face of Adversity

Resilience in The Face of Adversity



Everyone gets knocked down and suffers setbacks. Adversity is a fact of life, and an unavoidable one at that. However, how people respond to that adversity makes all the difference. Every famous inventor was told his or her ideas were crazy. Every billionaire investor has made huge mistakes and bought the wrong stocks. Every entrepreneur had multiple failures leading up to big success.

What made those individuals successful was their resilience, their ability to learn from their mistakes and become stronger with each setback. The billionaire investor who made a costly mistake also made a vow to never repeat that blunder. The inventor with the seemingly crazy idea just kept plugging away, looking for people who shared the same vision and were able to see through doubts of others. The entrepreneur always knew success was just around the corner, and did not give up even when the odds were clearly stacked against him or her.

In many important ways, success is a choice we make. We could lie down and admit defeat when we get knocked down. We could complain things are too difficult, or the playing field is not fair. We could give up and simply go along to get along, but these are not the hallmarks of a leader.

In the end, what separates the leaders from the rest is resilience. Resilient men and women suffer the same adversities we all do, but they respond differently. Instead of feeling defeated and complaining about an uneven playing field, the successful and resilient individuals feel energized by each new setback. They work hard to overcome every new obstacle placed in their way, and they know they can balance that difficult playing field through hard work, sweat, and dedication.

So which path are you going to choose? Are you going to admit defeat and slink away? Or do you want to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, captains of industry, business owners, and smart investors who used each setback as a springboard to future success? The choice is yours—and it’s all in your hands.