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Innovative dentist is boss of floss

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Since beginning his career in dentistry almost a decade ago, Dr. Tim Pruett of Lakeview Comprehensive Dentistry in Tavares has heard every reason imaginable as to why patients fail to floss.

“Flossing hurts.”

“It takes too long.”

“Flossing makes my gums bleed.”

But patients aren’t complaining any more, not since the 37-year-old dentist invented Flossolution, a wonderful new product that renders every excuse null and void.

Flossolution is an innovative dual-purpose flossing and brushing device that has become a game changer for not only Dr. Pruett’s patients, but for people around the world.

Dr. Pruett’s amazing invention uses sonic energy to effortlessly glide the floss between teeth and features special technology to protect the gums. And the flossing takes less than two minutes.

He offers two products — the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite. The sonic-powered handle on the Flossolution 500 Series makes flossing quick, convenient and easy. The Flossolution Lite is smaller and convenient for people who prefer a manual flossing device over a powered flossing device.

Much has happened since the products were launched in April 2013. Dr. Pruett has been featured three times on the Home Shopping Network. In addition, customers throughout the country are purchasing the product on the company website, and the products are now being distributed in Thailand. In addition, the 500 Series received the prestigious National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Dr. Pruett loves having the opportunity to make a far-reaching, positive impact on the oral health of countless people.

“This is more than simply eliminating or preventing disease,” he says. “Oral health also plays a significant role in how confident you feel about yourself. If we can help prevent disease and improve self-esteem, then all of our hard work will be completely worth it.”

Dr. Pruett’s wife, Heather, serves as Flossolution’s vice president of operations. She echoed his sentiments.

“We’re so excited about how far we’ve come in the last two years but even more excited about where we’re headed. We’ve built a very strong and motivated team, and the sky’s the limit for this amazing product and company.”

birth of an idea

“You can clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush; however, the difficulty lies in cleaning the spaces between your teeth,” Dr. Pruett says. “Almost every time you eat, there are little pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. This is where bacterial plaque and tartar often build up and cause damage to your teeth and gums, leading to costly and time-consuming oral health problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and advanced gum disease.”

This is what led Dr. Pruett to take matters into his own hands. He focused his knowledge and experience on creating a unique product that would make flossing simple and easy.

“I started experimenting with different ideas and applying some basic principles to what we already use in our office for dental hygiene. I became focused on ultrasonic and sonic energy, floss diameter, and the average distance between proximal contact points of teeth and gum tissue,” he says. “It was a really cool moment when the primary concepts for what is now Flossolution hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember how exciting it was when I brought home a really rough version of the first prototype and showed it to my wife.”

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