The Benefits of Industry-specific Marketing

The Benefits of Industry-specific Marketing



Every company has areas of expertise, two or three things they do really well, that have contributed to the bulk of their revenue. It’s easy to concentrate on those areas when marketing, and even simpler to find a firm that’s eager to help you. But just as your company has those two or three things you do really well, some marketing firms have certain industries where they excel as well.

Industry-specific marketing, also known as vertical marketing, is an area in which firms offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or other group of customers with specialized needs. This practice is not limited to marketing agencies; it’s relevant to every product and service industry. It’s the difference between going to see a specialist versus a general practitioner. Both doctors are qualified, but the specialist has experience that is more relevant.

When choosing a marketing partner for your business, there are benefits of working with a firm that has specific experience in your industry.

They speak the language. A firm that knows your industry will already be familiar with the terminology. They will know enough to develop quality content that searches well.

They are familiar with the trends. If the firm has experienced past success with other types of companies in your industry, they know the ebb and flow of the market. They know the targets and the best ways to reach them.

The learning curve is a lot straighter. If you’ve worked with marketing firms before, you know there is a bit of a learning curve as you get to know them and they get to know your industry. When you work with a firm that’s familiar with your type of business, that curve begins to straighten, saving time and money.

Their network can increase your net worth. An industry-specific firm will have connections with publications and organizations with whom you were not previously familiar. This association can get your foot in the door and potentially expand your reach.

If you are considering shopping for a firm to assist with your marketing, think about how you want to promote and market your business. Will your outreach be more to potential customers who are looking for those two or three things that you do really well, or do you want to have a broader reach as not to alienate anyone? There’s nothing wrong with either approach, but it might help to have an idea of what you want to do while searching for your marketing partner. You may find that ultimately, you didn’t choose that firm. That firm chose you, with their targeted, industry-specific marketing.