Why Every Business Should Be Doing Content Marketing

Why Every Business Should Be Doing Content Marketing

“Content marketing is all the marketing left.” — Seth Godin, author

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If you recently read this quote from Seth Godin, it may have hit you right between the eyes like it did me. The funny thing about this? He made this quote in 2008! When you think about it, there is a lot of truth in it.

First, what is content marketing? Content marketing is any marketing technique involving the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

With social media having such a prominent place in the buying consciousness of the public, as well as most industries capitalizing on the power of a free media presence, content marketing seems like a good idea. But, I want to delve in deeper and figure out the “why” of it.

Why is it the only “marketing left?” What about traditional forms of advertising like creative headlines that draw people into your newspaper or magazine ads? Or funny radio and TV ads that catch people off-guard and drive home their point about why they are the only logical choice from which you should buy?

Here are three reasons why content marketing is something EVERY business should be doing:

1. Separate your business from the pack. Differentiation is everything today in a very crowded marketplace—no matter what business you’re in. You need a “hook” to stand out from the crowd. Some call this a “unique selling proposition” while others call it a “defining statement.” Regardless of what you call it, you need to educate your customer about your difference and why they should do business with you as opposed to every other similar business out there.

2. Social media marketing is still FREE! As sites such as Facebook and Twitter are starting to realize their worth as strong marketing vehicles for businesses, they are starting to limit the reach of people who post on business pages; instead, they’re charging for the ability to “boost” a post or run an ad—much like a pay-per-click search engine. But, if a business already has a loyal following, it’s still a great way to promote to your current list of “friends” and customers. The key is to do it on a regular basis to keep top-of-mind consciousness with your buyers and supporters.

3. It positions you as THE expert in your field. People like to do business with “experts” or, at the very least, those who are perceived as being the most knowledgeable in their field. Producing content allows you to share your knowledge with the world so that they feel confident investing in your product and/or service. Professionals in ANY field can position themselves as “experts” by writing articles and blogs about what they do and sell. Regular contributors with quality content are usually the ones who are leading the field in their particular field or industry.

What kind of content marketing can you do today?